T Minus 10 Days – Getting Out of a Beer Rut

It’s human nature. You find something you like, and you stick with it. Whether your beer of choice is Bud Light or Sweetwater IPA, Killian’s Red or Old Leghumper Porter, Heineken or Pig Swig, familiarity breeds comfort. When it comes to your favorite beer, you know what to expect. (And really? Old Leghumper Porter? That’s […]

T Minus 12 Days – Beer Style of the Day: IPA

Do you remember those Keystone Light commercials … “Bitter Beer Face”?   It’s football season, and for just about any typical beer commercial during the game, you can count on any references to taste will be talking about a “crisp, clear taste”, or “no aftertaste”. Do you know what else as a crisp clear taste […]

T Minus 13 Days – A State of Delirium

The Belgians have a long history of whimsical beer names that are less than politically correct. Delirium Tremens, the medical condition, is a shakiness that accompanies an alcoholic’s withdrawal from alcohol. Delirium Tremens, the beer, is a highly carbonated strong golden ale, with a strong yeast characteristic that hints of bubble gum.  And if you’re so afflicted, […]

T Minus 14 Days – Sierra Nevada Ovila

Sierra Nevada’s Ovila family of beers are a tribute to the monastic brewing tradition of Europe (and particularly Belgium). Monastic brewing is a time honored tradition in Europe.  Monastery brewhouses, from different religious orders, have existed all over Europe, since the Middle Ages. From the very beginning, beer was brewed in French cistercian monasteries following the Strict […]